An OCEAN OF EMOTIONS continues in 2020.
A unique experience to link Sicily and Calabria.

The Strait of Messina crossing is an incredible swimming event that has been organized by and his co-workers for several years, under the rules and regulations of the international maritime organization. The Strait of Messina Crossing consists in a solo crossing with a group, meaning that each swimmer will swim the entire strait but he/she will have to stay together with 2 to 4 other swimmer and the assigned assistance boat. The minimum number of participants per crossing event is 15. You will only receive your final confirmation, once this minimum number is reached. The organization will confirm your spot at least 3 months prior to the crossing date, giving you enough time to plan housing and travel arrangements. In case the number is not reached, we will give you the option of future dates (in a worst case scenario you will be reimbursed). For pre-registration, fill out the following form and complete the 150€ payment. Once the transfer payment is received, your pre-registration is valid.


Day prior to the Strait Swim: At 5PM (approximately) there will be a meeting on the beach, where each participant will receive his/her athlete packet and all the required information about the following day’ logistics. After the meeting there will be a traditional sicilian dinner altogether to meet all participants and listen to each other’s stories.

Day of the Strait Swim: In the AM the entire group meets on the beach to prepare for the departure. Afterwards everyone will be transferred with their assigned boat to the Pilone di Torre Faro beach, where the start will be. Once the swimming crossing is over, the assistant boats will bring everyone back to the start point, where each athlete will receive a Completion Certificate from the Italian Timekeeping Federation.

Given the adverse marine weather conditions that can rarely occur in the Strait, it is advisable to have a minimum tolerance in the breakdown times and calculate the valid day for the return the day after the crossing data (to have a chance to make the crossing in conditions favorable weather conditions).


60€ to save your spot and 150€ to pay within 30 days of the swim date, with a total of 210€.

The total includes:

  • Organisation and safety procedures by Giovanni Arena
  • Supporting boats, one each 3 swimmers plus one with the medical assistance.
  • One lifeguard from FIN (Official Federation) on each boat.
  • English speaking assistance will also be present. 
  • Doctor and assistance both on land and on both shore sides (Calabria and Sicily).
  • Coast Guard alerted and vigilant 
  • Official approval of the Crossing from the Navy, Coast Guard and other authorities. 
  • Cronometristi della FICR - Fed. Italiana Cronometristi, sezione di Messina - Official TIMING Service
  • You will be added to the Albo d'Oro of the Swim Strait Croissing 
  • Official Swimming caps and t-shirts of Swimming Travel Swim Strait
  • Professional photographers at the entire event with foto-service afterwards. 
  • Live Streaming on Facebook


Downpayment of €150,00 per person at registration.

Final payment 60€ due 30 days prior to the crossing date. 

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