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Luciano Vietri

SwimmingTravel provides athletes of every level with amazing opportunities in Open Water in the most beautiful places. With many experiences and great passion for this field, we will provide an ocean of emotions and unique memories. Travel with us and you will be able to relax, enjoy the beauty of a new place and open water swimming, as well as challenge yourself with new goals and international competitions. Everything without having to worry about any type or logistical issue.

Why SwimmingTravel?

Because we offer safe open water trainings and sessions for swimmers of every level, ability and age. We create memorable experiences. Our service is directed to swimmers who realize the challenge of all the requirements, logistics and priorities that come with open water swimming. Quality - Our goal is to make unique experiences, assist with safety and logistics and incite swimmer to swim in the most beautiful places in and outside Europe. Accommodation - We carefully choose our accomodations to provide the best and most convenient service to all out guests. Customer service - We try to offer the best possible customer service by replying to emails and phone calls as soon as possible and answering any concern or question. Adaptable - If you have an unusual request, a concern for one of the trips or a specific request, just ask. We will do our best to meet your needs. Custom tours - if you have not seen what you need among our offers, we also offer you a personalized service and you can modify and build trips that are more suitable for you. Video Analysis of Swimming Technique - all the swimmers will be filmed and these videos will be analyzed together to provide ideas and exercises to improve independently. The videos will be available later for everyone. The Partners - Non-swimmers are welcome, contact us for advice on what to propose to your non-swimmer partners on the specific journey. Travel requirements - all our routes have been carefully designed to minimize displacements to and from departure points, thus leaving more time to swim.

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